Courses on basic level. This is an offer for admirers of musicals who would like to see themselves on stage. The workshops are divided into four blocks: articulation and diction, voice emission, basic acting, and basic dancing techniques (including work on a group choreography). We work both individually and in groups. On the last day of the workshop, participants will have a chance to present their new skills during a closed final performance.


  • Voice emission and intonation (practical exercises with an instrument)
  • Interpretation of text (monologue or/and song)
  • Basic acting tasks (including improvisation)
  • Stage articulation (diction)
  • Working with the breath
  • Working on the fear of public speaking (relaxation techniques)
  • Working with a microphone and a prop
  • Working with the body (stretching, dance improvisation, working in pairs, stage movement)
  • Learning a group choreography
  • Developing a stage personality
Photo: Joanna Biesiaga (x2)
Warsztaty musicalowe dla dorosłych