A musical inspired by the life of Stefania Grodzieńska, the queen of Polish satire and the co-creator of the Syrena Theatre. It is a story about a strong woman who lived on her own terms and always with humour. The action takes place among the cabarets and revues of interwar Warsaw, during the occupation, and among the artistic circles of the post-war period.

“Piplaja” (this word means a chorus girl) is not a typical biography. Rather than focus on successive events from the life of Grodzieńska, its creators are more interested in the heroine herself: a modern woman who followed different career paths and never let herself be labelled by anyone. She was courageous and independent. She challenged stereotypes. She achieved the impossible and paved the way for the next generations of Poles. She came from a minority group, she was not overcome by prejudice, she was not killed by history, she survived the war and the Warsaw ghetto, she was not broken by the state. Her life was full of unexpected twists. And she is proof that a sense of humour helps to live a worthy life even in the most difficult of times.

“Piplaja” was nominated for the Jan Kiepura Music Theatre Award in the category “Best show”, and Natalia Kujawa received the award for “Best female musical vocalist” for her role as Stefania Grodzieńska. In the summary of the 2021/22 season the portal “Teatr dla Wszystkich” selected the play in the categories “Best musical theatre performance” and “Best female role” (Natalia Kujawa). In a survey conducted by the magazine “Teatr”, the musical was considered as “The best musical theatre play” by Aneta Kyzioł (“Polityka”) and Wiesław Kowalski (“Teatr dla Wszystkich”), while Kyzioł also considered the roles of Natalia Kujawa and Sylwia Achu as “Best female roles”.

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