Uczestnicy jesiennych warsztatów Jesteśmy teatrem śpiewają na scenie
Foto: Joanna Biesiaga

We’re opening registration for our annual fall theatre workshops taking place on weekends in three age groups. The workshops are conducted by actors from the Syrena Theatre, and will be also visited by special guests – representatives of different theatrical professions. This year’s season ticket for the workshops is 690 PLN.

The fall workshops are available in three levels:

  • Let’s learn about theatre – workshops for children aged 6-8. A perfect chance to learn about the many secrets of actors, directors, stage managers, prompters or wardrobe assistants. Stage success depends on many people. A theatre is not only a place, it’s also the people, the shows and… a bit of magic! Workshops start on September 23 or 24.
  • We create theatre – workshops for children aged 9-12. We invite you to explore the world of the theatre – participants will get a chance to become actors, set designers, or costume designers. Workshops start on September 23 or 24.
  • We’re the theatre – workshops for children aged 10-16, entirely dedicated to creating a theatre play. They introduce participants into the world of theatre, teach correct diction and breath, make more open to poetry, enrich vocabulary, stimulate imagination, develop linguistic skills. Workshops start on November 18 or 19.

The price of the season ticket for each level of workshops is the same: 690 PLN. Participants should bring comfortable clothes, a change of shoes, lunch and water to classes.

Uczestnicy warsztatów Uczymy się teatru w kolorowych maskach

More information and registration

Paulina Huczyńska
project coordinator


22 10 11 624
607 934 434

Attention! In the email submission please state your child’s full name, age, the full name of the legal guardian and their telephone number, as well as indicate the selected workshop group (on Saturday or on Sunday).

See you in Syrena!