Morticia, cold as ice. Gomez, hot as a volcano. Their demonic daughter Wednesday. The sweet, but deadly dangerous son Pugsley. The charming uncle Fester, the witchy grandmother and the gloomy butler Lurch. This is the most terrifying family of all time, living in the old Victorian castle on the marches. The adolescent Wednesday falls in love with the delightful Lucas. What happens when their families finally meet over dinner?

“The Addams Family” attracts crowds all across Europe and American thanks to its amazing music score which combines the best of Broadway tradition with remarkable Latin American style. The Polish version was co-produced by the Music Theatre in Poznań and the Syrena Theatre.

“The Addams Family” was created by the American artist Charles Addams. In the 1930s the adventures of the horrific family began to be published in the form of a comic strip on the pages of the popular magazine “The New Yorker”, and after time the family also found its way to television, cinema and theatre.