Fasada Teatru Syrena
Photo: Katarzyna Chmura

Are you looking for an original idea and place to organize your birthday party? Do you want your child to have an unforgettable birthday party? Or maybe you’re an admirer of musicals and theatre, dreaming about having a birthday “close to the stage”? If the answer is yes, then check out our offer intended for both the Theatre and the Syrena Bistro.

Possible attractions during a birthday party in the Syrena Bistro:

  • A wide selection of workshops for children (theatre lessons) lasting approx. 2 hours
  • Individual tours of the theatre, including tours for parents of children participating in the party
  • Individual selection of menu (for children and/or adults), including e.g. a birthday cake or other pastries and champagne
  • Cotton candy and popcorn
  • Option to rent theatre costumes
  • Option to hire a photographer
  • Option to organize a birthday party combined with attending a show
  • Option to organize a sophisticated dinner or breakfast
  • Option to hire an actor dressed in costume to animate the children
  • Option to arrange a workspace for an art workshop

We price each event individually, for more information please contact the project coordinator:

Paulina Huczyńska
22 10 11 624
607 934 434