The Syrena Theatre functions as the Warsaw Centre for Musicals. Our repertoire consists of Polish versions of Broadway and West End hits as well as musicals created by Polish directors, written and composed specially for us. Our artistic offer is complemented by numerous educational activities.

– What the hell are “musicals”?
– It appears to be a play where the dialogue stops and the plot is conveyed through song
Wait, wait, wait, so an actor is saying his lines and then, out of nowhere, he just starts singing?
– Yes!
– Well, that is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard!

A dialogue between Nick Bottom and Nostradamus from the musical “Something Rotten!”

How did it happen that this strange type of play, in which an actor “out of nowhere, just starts singing”, is the most popular theatrical genre in the world? You’ll find out here.

In the Syrena Theatre, we’re very pleased with the popularity of musicals – it’s our passion and the foundation of our repertoire. That’s why musicals are also part of our educational offer. Our artistic director, Jacek Mikołajczyk, popularizes knowledge about this genre in his podcast “I even like musicals”, in a series of video micro-lectures “The history of musicals in 5 minutes”, and as part of popularizing lectures forming the “Showtime!” cycle. Musicals are also strongly represented in our workshop offer – both those designed for children and teenagers, as well as adults. Just click on the links below to go to a detailed description.

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