In this musical, eight Polish kings fight for the audience’s recognition, each one with a hit song. The show is similar to the Eurovision contest – here the audience also selects the winner. The musical about the elective kings resembles in its form a television talent show. The competitors perform songs composed in the styles characteristic for their countries. For example, Sigismund III, a member of the Swedish Vasa dynasty, sings a song similar to Abba. Augustus II the Strong from Saxony combines the metal sound influenced by Rammstein with an aria written by Mozart. The jury consists of four foreign women – the mothers, wives, sisters and lovers of Polish kings.

For his role in “Battle for the Throne” Marcin Wortman received the Jan Kiepura Theatre Music Award in the category of “Best musical performer”, and the play was nominated for that award in the category “Best costumes”. “Battle for the Throne” received the Audience’s Musical Awards for the 2020/21 season in the following categories: “Best premiere”, “Best director”, “Best choreography”, “Best costumes”, “Best supporting actor” (Jacek Pluta), “Best supporting actress” (Katarzyna Walczak), “Best male solo” (Łukasz Szczepanik).

A CD with songs from the musical is available in our theatre’s shop.

The play is accompanied by an interactive game and educational portal The project was co-financed by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport as part of the program of the National Center for Culture – Interventions 2021.