Historia musicalu w 5 minut. Na zdjęciu prowadzący cykl Jacek Mikołajczyk

Can you present the history of musicals in five minutes? Jacek Mikołajczyk, the artistic director of the Syrena Theatre, knows how to do it. We invite you to watch a series of his micro-lectures filmed during the pandemic.

You’ll learn about the classics of the genre, turning points in the history of musicals, as well as the most recent foreign productions. We cover artists both renowned and totally fresh for Polish audiences. We talk about the biggest hits and the biggest flops, about the ups and downs of musicals, and about the rules of Broadway, West End, and Polish musicals. The cycle is full of anecdotes, twists and intriguing personalities, and is accompanied by fragments of hit shows of the genre – recordings and photographs.

The series of almost 50 micro-lectures titled “History of musicals in 5 minutes” can be found our the Syrena Theatre YouTube channel.