Jacek Mikołajczyk
Photo: Joanna Biesiaga

„I even like musicals” is a podcast hosted by Jacek Mikołajczyk, the artistic director of the Syrena Theatre. He knows quite a lot about the acting, singing, and dancing – often simultaneously – in theatre. He writes books and articles on this topic, teaches about it, translates songs, directs shows. He obsessively watches everything produced in music theatres in Poland and around the world. And he still likes it!

In his podcast, Jacek Mikołajczyk shares stories about everything that is MOST in musicals is – most interesting, most weird, and most popular. About Broadway and other scenes. About creators and viewers. About producers. About musical scandals and sensations. About musicals.

The podcast is free to listen e.g. on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Open FM, and the VOD platform of the city of Warsaw. New episodes premiere evert two weeks on Saturday. The podcast’s jingle was created by Tomasz Filipczak.

Additionally, we also recommend the cycle of micro-lectures “History of musicals in 5 minutes” by Jacek Mikołajczyk, which can be found on our theatre’s YouTube channel.