“Class in Warsaw. Warsaw with class” and “Cultural preschooler” are to programs of extra-curricular activities for schools and kindergarten. The programs are financed by the city of Warsaw (50 PLN annually for each pupil living in the Capital City of Warsaw).

What is the aim of the project?

The project offers pupils the opportunity to participate in cultural and sport activities in the form of extracurricular classes taking place after school. It enables young people to have equal access to classes in which they can develop different interests and talents.

Who decided about the financing?

The school headmaster decides on the allocation of funds for individual projects in consultation with the parents’ council, the teaching staff, and the teachers of individual classes. This allows to use the financing according to the actual cultural, educational and sports needs of students from particular schools, classes and groups.

The theatre plays in the Syrena Theatre recommended for schools:

For students from grades 1-5:

For students from grades 6-8, and high-schoolers:

For more detailed information on how to sign up for the “Class in Warsaw. Warsaw with class” and “Cultural preschooler” programs, please contact the theatre’s sales department:


tel. 22 10 11 613
tel. 22 10 11 613

Znak promocyjny Warszawy
The programs “Class in Warsaw. Warsaw with class” and “Cultural Preschooler” are organized thanks to the financial support from the Capital City of Warsaw