A story about a girl with a great mind and enormous heart, who was born in a completely incompatible family. Her father is a dishonest car seller, her mother is interested only in money and dancing competitions, and her brother isn’t too bright. And none of them can understand why Matilda spends so much time reading books. Even worse, there’s also her school, ruled by the headmistress Miss Trunchbull – even her name reveals a lot about her teaching methods… In such circumstances, Matilda ignites a children’s revolution!

“Matilda” is a musical hit based on the novel by Roald Dahl, brought to Poland straight from the West End and Broadway scenes. The play is a co-production by the Kameralny Theatre in Bydgoszcz (premiere on March 19, 2022) and the Syrena Theatre in Warsaw (premiere on September 10, 2022). The musical is licensed by the Music Theatre International.

“Matilda” received the Jan Kiepura Music Theatre Award in the category “Best show for young audiences”, and Przemysław Glapiński was awarded “Best male musical vocalist” for his role as Agata Łomat in the musical.