A graduate of the acting department of the PWSFTviT in Łódź (1996). She has been part of the Syrena Theatre team for over 25 years. She performs in most of our musicals: “Battle for the Throne” (Bona Sforza), “The Addams Family” (grandma Addams), “Kajko and Kokosz. A Flying School” (Jaga), “Matilda” (Mrs. Phelps), and “Black Shakespeare” (Ira Aldridge’s actress). She also performs in plays for children. Since 2000 she is the owner of an Actor’s Studio, in which she prepares students for entry exams to art schools. In the TV program “Szymon Majewski Show” she parodied the great star of the Syrena Theatre – Violetta Villas.